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Bridging skills gaps in your workforce


The first step is identifying the gaps

Across the globe employers are dealing with gaps between the skills people have and those they need to do their jobs. 

It may be that young people are struggling to enter the workforce or people already in their careers have lost their jobs and haven’t been able to upskill and adapt. There are economic factors and the recent tightening of immigration laws in Australia have raised concern over a lack of people with the right skills. Are employers doing enough to upskill their people? What jobs are dying out and what do these new jobs require?

Our challenge is to understand how business leaders are approaching bridging this gap - and to keep up with how continually evolving technology is having an impact.

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Our approach

We'll provide an expert view on how to address your skills challenges

Identify challenges

We can help you to identify the skills gap in your workforce and support you to bridge these shortfalls, allowing you the freedom to focus on your organisational objectives.

Expert advice

Kineo is part of the City & Guilds Group - a leader in global skills development. We're well equipped to review L&D programs and make recommendations on how to optimise them for the future.

Expert knowledge

Our content is built around latest best practice and the subject matter is kept up to date by leading SMEs. That's why industry bodies like the NSCA foundation endorse it. 

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