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Manage your extended workforce

Compliance and workforce management, all in one place

Upgrade from spreadsheets to Sitepass

One place to manage risk, compliance, onboarding and more. Sitepass allows you to manage suppliers, volunteers, contractors and temporary workers through one system, logging training, permits, induction and approval processes.

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workforce management system

More than just a contractor management system

Select and prequalify

Prequalify and manage suppliers, through capturing and verifying their records and insurances.

  • Supplier pre‑qualification
  • Supply chain management
  • Insurance checks
  • Compliance questionnaires

Engage and induct

Onboard workers, capturing their records and inducting through online, classroom, and external training.

  • Worker on boarding
  • Workflow pre‑qualification
  • elearning & course authoring
  • Licences checks
  • Medical tests
  • Police checks
  • Induction cards
  • Customisable workflows

Monitor and authorise

Monitor individuals’ onsite activities, performance, and incidents.

  • Monitor attendance
  • Incident management
  • Permits to work
  • Performance evaluations
  • Ratings
  • Reporting

Kineo success story

University of Wollongong logo

Swapping a time-consuming manual process for a centralised portal to manage contractors over nine campuses

We created a contractor management solution that allowed the University of Wollongong to maintain it's commitments to the safety and quality of work that takes place at all of its campuses

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University of Wollongong contractor management system
University of Wollongong contractor management system

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