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Mar 2020

Free COVID-19 Prevention Course license available to Kineo clients

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Sally Danbury

Sally Danbury

Nurture Marketing Specialist at Kineo APAC

"Don’t panic and practise good hygiene" our mantra for the Coronavirus.

HR leaders, are you overwhelmed by what is important to know about COVID-19? 

Rest assured, Kineo has you - and your workers - covered. Our simple, fact-laden pointers will keep you and your workforce staying positive.   

The goal of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Prevention course is to empower people to stay calm and maintain practical hygiene precautions. Developed with UniSA, the course provides subject matter expertise from international experts in the field of infection prevention. The behavioural focus of the course is reinforced with video content, a downloadable poster, and an activity giving the truth about common myths and rumors associated with the outbreak. 

Get the COVID-19 Prevention course 

The course license is available to all Kineo clients, free of charge.

Coronavirus and resulting workplace practice restrictions are causing an epidemic of concern and confusion that is wreaking havoc with the working population everywhere.  With public gathering and travel restrictions it makes for a gloomy outlook, or does it? How can we make the most of the situation we cannot fully escape from and turn this into a positive?

Coronavirus workplace response initiatives 

Organisations are working hard to ensure their people have the tools to be able to work remotely in preparation of the Coronavirus.  Thankfully many individuals are already set up for working from home with unlimited mobile call packages and generous Wi-Fi allowances. That said, there is likely to be some adjustment where there will be a decrease in face to face interactions.  From a collaborative perspective organisations need to consider, and highlight, ways in which colleagues can use tools that are at hand to work together, remotely.  Mental health is a consideration in this picture as remote working can feel isolated and lonely. 

Keeping people safe is every organisations’ top priority, as well as providing the best support  possible to maintain a healthy productivity and ongoing learning opportunities.

Online technology company Trello is proud to have a business as usual 65% remote team and comments;

“Technology has advanced such that embracing remote is no longer challenging. It requires different considerations for collaboration and communication, sure, but ultimately it is not a lower quality work experience.” 

We’ve gathered a few tips for individuals as they transition into working from home until the storm quietens. 

  • Think of all the time you save in preparing yourself for your working day in the office and time travelling by undertaking some intensive exercise - online Yoga or Pilates?  Or practicing mindfulness to set you up for a calm and focused working day.
  • Dedicate an at-home working space so it feels ordered and also doesn’t impede your relaxation time. 
  • Kick off the day with an online team meeting to hone your tasks and keep everyone on track.  This will also help overcome the lack of connectedness. Cover what has been completed, any barriers for immediate planned activity as well as mapping out upcoming campaigns or projects.  
  • Use a timekeeping tool for self discipline and reporting transparency and chunk out your day from the outset to not be distracted with at home chores or the constant pull of social media.
  • This is a perfect time to increase your knowledge in interest areas, take some e-learning courses and stay sharp. 

Kineo clients can take advantage of our free COVID-19 Prevention course license and share this post with colleagues so they may also benefit from a heightened preparedness in managing and minimising the risks associated with the spread of infection. 

For further alerts and best practice recommendations we suggest reference to Australian Government Department of Health Coronavirus bulletins and related Kineo Courses, Infection Prevention and Control - Standard Precautions and Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Workers


Sally Danbury

Sally Danbury

Nurture Marketing Specialist at Kineo APAC

Since the year immemorial Sally has exercised an avid passion for creativity with words, images and Pilates.  She is most content in the workplace when crafting enticing messages that inspire and engage.