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May 2020

Developing your people online

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Shaping the future of learning

The Oxford Group have been developing large cohorts of managers globally for many years, and have extensive experience and expertise in delivering a consistent management approach, wherever your leaders are in the world.

Research by the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA) found that ‘training on its own increases productivity by 22%, whereas combining it with coaching increases productivity by 88%’. But how can you capitalise on coaching when teams are based remotely?

  • How do you coach virtually?
  • Providing coaching to support your teams and leaders


Where do you start?

Coaching is one of the interventions that can have most impact on your business – and you don’t want it to fall by the wayside in the new world of online working. Set in place a framework to encourage open and honest conversations, creating a forum to identify immediate developmental needs – what better way to check in with your team!


Need something now?

Using day-to-day experience and engaging narratives can help leaders break down barriers, bring workplace goals to life. Using inspiring stories to illustrate points will make people more engaging as leaders and help others to relate relate. Stories bring people together, and are a powerful tool in communicating complex change and engaging employees. Find out more about The Oxford Group 'Storytelling for Leaders' short course

While working remotely, clear and effective communication becomes even more important for teams to function effectively. The Oxford Group 5 Conversations programme draws on over 30 years of insight and experience working with global leaders and managers. We know exactly what conversations to have to drive better engagement and build trust across your business. Discover how 5 Conversations can transform trust, engagement and performance at work


Need something bespoke?

The Oxford Group have created virtual, face-to-face and blended delivery programmes for the world’s leading global organisations including our cost effective Talent Coaching packages for one to one, tailored development experience for high-potential employees.




Kineo and the Oxford Group combine learning expertise and offer solutions with the purpose of delivering meaningful impact to organisations and their workforce.

For us during this time, that means considering the impact of having to adapt to working in a more isolated environment where mental well-being, health and productivity become critical factors to your business continuity.

Our history is rich in supporting businesses with online training, developing people with digital solutions and taking the stress out of managing a remote workforce. We have the experience, the tools and the knowledge your teams need to get up and running quickly, to help you upskill and develop your staff, and to guide you in building nurturing, trusting relationships with your workers - wherever they are in the world.

We’re here to support you through these uncertain and challenging times. To support your staff through this change you need to be agile and adapt quickly. Our goal is to work with you to keep your people safe, connected and productive as we all manage this crisis together.



Shaping the future of learning

Kineo helps the world’s leading businesses improve performance through learning and technology. We’re proud of our reputation for being flexible and innovative, and of our award-winning work with clients across the world.