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Jul 2020

‘Bullying & Harassment for Employees’ elearning ranks highest  

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Sally Danbury

Sally Danbury

Nurture Marketing Specialist at Kineo APAC

Workplace elearning mostly focuses on compliance to keep employees safe and risk free while at work. Code of Conduct and Privacy and the Workplace compliance training form part of the onboarding program for employees, yet it’s an unfortunate fact that above all else, Bullying and Harassment training is the most needed elearning course of all.  

Many workers experience negative attention as a routine part of their day. Bullying in the workplace can include bouts of presenteeism and employee absenteeism.  Negative behaviours that are not dealt with can lead to high levels of staff turnover and can impact the organisation’s financial performance. Not only can the effects be seen in stress and damage to the health and wellbeing of a victim, they can also lead to fines and criminal charges for offenders and the organisation they work for.  

What is considered employee bullying and harassment? 

Everyone in the workplace should feel free from antisocial behaviour. Considered a grey area, bullying and harassment is classified when: 

Repeated behaviours towards a person that are threatening, insulting or victimising, particularly if that behaviour poses a threat to the safety and health of that person.  

When individuals are deliberately excluded. Examples include when the victim experiences feelings of exclusion from group discussions, work-related events or from having an opinion on a team project. 

These types of behaviours cause upset and feelings of marginalisation in the victim. Employers should undertake ongoing activities that incorporate education to help to drive a positive workplace culture where bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.  

Safe Work Australia has outlined alarming key workplace bullying and harassment statistics:  

  • One in three women who claim for a mental disorder stated it involved harassment or bullying 
  • One in five men who claim for a mental disorder stated it involved harassment or bullying 
  • Workers who report being sworn or yelled at in the workplace: 37% 
  • Workers who experienced unfair treatment due to gender: 11% 
  • Almost 20% of workers say they have experienced discomfort due to sexual humour 
  • Workers who report being physically assaulted or threatened by patients or clients: 22% 
  • Mental disorder claims that are caused by harassment, bullying or exposure to violence: 39% 
  • Mental stress claims as a result from exposure to occupational violence: 15% 
  • Mental stress claims made by workers aged 20-27 years were from exposure to workplace violence: 26% 
  • Mental stress claims made by workers under 20 years were from exposure to workplace violence: 31% 

What can be done to ensure a bullying and harassment free workplace? 

Anti-bullying initiatives, sexual harassment training and harassment prevention training are key to a safe and healthy workplace. 

Kineo’s Bullying and Harassment Training for Employees course aligns with Australian legislation and is designed to minimise the risk of bullying and harassment in the workplace. The course focuses on building positive behaviours and stopping negative based behaviours.  

The elearning provides an understanding of: 

  • The effects of bullying and harassment in the workplace. 
  • The types of behaviour that are considered bullying and harassment. 
  • How to identify bullying and harassment. 
  • Employee responsibilities. 
  • What to do if you or your co-workers are being bullied or harassed.  

Are you an employee affected by workplace bullying? 

Do not suffer in silence. If you are affected, then you must speak up.  

So many employees opt not to take further action yet this perpetuates bad behaviour and nothing will change for the better unless you take the initiative.   

Your direct manager, health and safety officer or HR manager will all be equipped to hear you and help you with any situation in this regard.  Be reassured that all conversations will be strictly confidential and moreover, you won't be judged as so often is the misconception. You are actually making steps to quash intolerable behaviour that could save others from similar situations.  

For training and learning support Kineo has you covered.  We also offer Bullying & Harassment Training for managers and supervisors.  

Sally Danbury

Sally Danbury

Nurture Marketing Specialist at Kineo APAC

Since the year immemorial Sally has exercised an avid passion for creativity with words, images and Pilates.  She is most content in the workplace when crafting enticing messages that inspire and engage.