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COVID-19: Our resources and support

last updated 12th May

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  • Supporting the well-being of your teams

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  • Developing your people online

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  • Monitor the safe access of my workers

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  • Managing people remotely

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  • Scaling to meet business demands

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  • Onboarding a virtual workforce

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  • Adapting face-to-face training for online

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  • Delivering training through virtual classrooms

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Recent Webinar

Need some ideas on taking your face to face learning virtual? Join our experts for practical and actionable tips on creating online learning experiences that stick.


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Virtual learning - best practice delivery and design

Extra reading


  • Virtual classrooms: How to use VC technology

    With the increase in online learning, L&D professionals are having to upskill themselves in virtual classroom technology and delivery - and fast. But how do you go about crafting a killer virtual classroom session?

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  • Digital delivery: Converting face to face training to virtual delivery

    In this guide, we share some of our insights and experiences of creating great online learning experiences.

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  • Controlling access at Aged Care facilities during the Covid-19 crisis

    With only essential people able to enter on site at an aged care facility we know that controlling access is difficult. Read our Sitepass blog to learn more.

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  • Leading and working in virtual teams

    Whether you’re a manager taking a team through a new way of working, or you’ve swiftly moved to homeworking yourself, our virtual working toolkit has the essential advice and tips you need.

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  • The ultimate guide to designing and delivering webinars

    Helping you with the most effective ways to deliver information and engage your teams from a distance.

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  • Advantages of Contingent Workers

    In this article from Sitepass contractor and visitor management, we look at some of the advantages of using a contingent workforce in times of crisis.

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  • Using Microsoft Teams and Totara Learn for virtual delivery

    If COVID-19 has put paid to your immediate face to face training plans, here’s how you can use Microsoft Teams for quick virtual delivery.

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  • A message from Vicky

    We continue to support our clients, staff and community during this time. Read a message from our Managing Director, Vicky Bartolacci in response to COVID-19.

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  • COVID-19 Prevention Course

    Don’t panic and practice good hygiene – we’ve made Kineo’s practical course free to all clients. Get in touch if you'd like to roll it out to your employees.

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