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Credit Suisse delivers new product knowledge in a fun, immersive way

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About Credit Suisse

Founded in 1856 and based in Zurich, Credit Suisse is a leading global wealth manager with strong investment banking capabilities. The VivaKids banking package for children launched in 2017

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The challenge

A very different product

Historically, there’s been a gap in Credit Suisse banking in terms of what they can offer younger customers. Enter the Viva Kids Banking Package – a new initiative that appeals to children aged 0-12 years old. With Viva Kids, kids can kick-start their banking journey with Credit Suisse and stay with the bank throughout their lifetime.

It’s a great concept and a great product, which features Switzerland’s first digital money box for kids, Digipigi. The only thing left was to get the word out and get Credit Suisse sales units on board. Since the first sight Credit Suisse employees would get of Viva Kids was through the online learning, it needed to be exciting and eye-catching as well as informative.

An illustrated man writing at his desk
The digipigi course displaying on a phone

Our solution

Attention-grabbing and fun

To launch their new banking product and services to their Sales Units, Kineo created a short, fun, attention grabbing online course that reflected the Viva Kids brand and concept.

Using Adapt, Kineo delivered a single-scrolling page consisting of video, a variety of interactions, bold colours, animated graphics and sound effects. The learning kicks off with a high-production video, produced by Credit Suisse, that shows the customer journey of signing up for Viva Kids. You see the child in the video receiving their Digipigi money box and saving up to buy a BMX. Once learners have had a flavour of Viva Kids from the video, a series of interactions allow learners to meet Digipigi, follow two characters through their stories of using the Digipigi and the associated mobile app, and get an overview of the Viva Kids Banking Package.

At the end of the elearning, Credit Suisse’s Sales Units can see a selection of Digipigi’s fun and playful facial expressions for themselves in an animated image.

Eye-catching art direction

To reflect the fun nature of the content and grab learners’ attention, a fun, eye-catching, illustrative art direction led learners through the page. Since the aim was to pique learners’ interest and drive them to find out more about the Viva Kids Banking Package, the look and feel needed to be bold and memorable.

To ensure this learning was attention grabbing and didn’t overwhelm the learner with information, the elearning was kept short and linked out to more in-depth information using the Resources functionality.

A girl looking at her digipigi account on her phone
A man looking at his daughters saving account on his phone
A girl looking at a guitar she would like to buy

A touch of sparkle

When learners are first introduced to Digipigi, they select each hotspot to discover a selected feature of Digipigi and are presented with a Digipigi sound effect and moving image.

Moving images and sound effects such as these were combined with an illustrated art direction to create a fun, exploratory feel that drew the audience further into the learning.

A tablet displaying the digipigi moneybox

The results

Great elearning

Kineo’s solution delivered a playful course that reflected both the Viva Kids Banking Package and the excitement of the concept. The Credit Suisse team expressed delight with the course:

“Thank you all for the great work on the KidsBanking elearning – the result is outstanding!”

Sabine Gori, Head eCollaboration & Talent Development Intranet

“Well done all, really great elearning”

Helen Palmer, Head eLearning Advisor

An illustrated man on his phone and his daughter behind with a camera
An animated digipigi moneybox